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I switched from a cylinder bore to a full choke and now its time to pattern. Going to buy some different loads on pay day and make some cardboard coyotes to pattern on, gonna make then smallish cut outs, just to be sure. Also Im building blinds out of branches and foliage so that I can have the artificial blind with the seats and all aswell as other "natural" blinds to leave set up so that I have multiple locations to hunt. Are there any flaws in my plan? If so please don't be shy to point them out and tell me "no, thats a terrible idea"... Well thanks to everyone for the help so far, I appreciate it
When I pattern my shotguns I use a 4ftx4ft cardboard this allows me to see how even the pattern is and also see where the holes in the pattern may be.
I patterned my 870 with an extra full choke at 50 yards using #4 buck and most of my pattern was concentrated left of point of aim. So I know now that if a coyote is standing broadside and facing to the left I need to hold about mid body to concentrate most of my hits to the chest, shoulder and neck.
If I had used a coyote cut out facing left and aimed at the shoulder most of my shot would have missed the target and I would have had no ideal where it hit at.

As for ground blinds I prefer to wear camoflage and sit with my back to a large tree.
I don't want anything in front or around me if at all possible.

It's good to have mutiple locations to hunt that way you don't have to hunt the same spots to often.

Good luck on your coyote hunting.

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