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Tusco rules

My guess is that the 3/25/01 shoot will be a "fun" match.Shoot whatever you have against anyone you'd like.

The rules at Tusco during all matches... 1) Safety first! If your not sure of what is being asked of you or why,sound off. The 4 basic rules are followed on all ranges. Load only on the firing line and only on command. Eyes and ears are a good idea at all times anywhere on the grounds.

For timed rifle matches the shoots are broken up into classes and your times are base within that group only. Class 1: Big bore,box fed,iron sights;ie M1a AR-10 AK 47. Class 2: Small bore,box fed,iron sights;ie AR-15 Mini-14 M1 carbine and pistol calibers. Class 3:Top loaded,iron sights;SKS M1 Garand. Class 4: any of the above with other than iron sights. Class 5:Box fed full auto. Class 6: Belt fed full auto. Bolt gun run sometimes as a side match. No AP is the only ammo restriction that I've heard.

The race plate set up is run man against man. 6 plates,3 bowling pin shaped,3 appox 8" round. Can be shot with pistols, shotguns, 22 rifle or full auto in pistol calibers. First man down with his plates wins,loser pays a dollar. No slugs or 00.

The last course that runs is an "IDPA" style shoot. Pistols and pistol caliber full auto. A holster and ammo carriers are helpful but not required. 3 10 round mags or 4 speed loaders will cover the course if you do your part. Often a combo of plates and paper with catch thrown in,IE shooting on the move or carrying out your DUMMY pardner.

It is a family club so kids ARE welcome and shoot free during most if not all fun matches. They must have eyes and ears and stay with an adult.We have a snack bar on the grounds. A small mall with dinning avaible is 10 minutes away.

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