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Is there a training school open to non-US citizens?


I live in Japan, and I'm looking for a basic course which
1. is available to non-US citizens, especially Japanese citizens, who are visiting the US.
2. is about 3-day to a week in length.
3. is designed to teach basics to those who have not touched firearms.
- A course that starts from gun safety and includes actual shooting practce with live rounds.
4. has firearms avaiable for rent in case those who attend the course do not possess their own ones.

I know there are some shooting ranges which are open to tourists and let us try some guns for an hour or so.
I'm sure it is fun to try some popular guns in those ranges, but I'm more interested in learning marksmanship fundamentals.
I have several airsofts and like plinking with them, but I also want to learn the gun safety and the proper way to practice shooting through real firearms.

Thank you.
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