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Italian Cap & Ball Maker Question

I have an Italian made copy of a .44 blackpowder revolver.
I was told it was an "1861 Navy"
It has a navy scene on the cylinder
It is brass framed case hardened with what looks like a CSA on one side of the brass next to the grip, (the "S" is backwards)
The AE in the square box denotes a 1979 manufacture year.
It has "For blackpowder use only - made in Italy" on the barrel
The only possible manufacture mark is above the serial number - it is a circle with 3 letters starting with a "D" to the the right above is a "G" and then below the "G" is either another "G" or a "C".
Does anyone know who manufactured this?
I know what the Umberti, Pietta, and Army San Marco marks look like and it is not them.
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