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And.... Plus a comment for MCB

Since the frame, more specifically, the junction of the arbor and frame which absorbs the vast majority of the stress upon loading and upon discharge, is brass, it is a good idea to operate the system (the pistol) with a stress level that is more appropriate to that junction (Brass does not have as much shear strength as steel).

In addition to loading light, I would also consider loading with a press rather than the loading lever.

You can get a press pretty cheap and even though I have only moved to a press recently (about three years ago) I am now a press convertee 100% of the time.

Others may say that these revolvers were designed to be loaded with the lever and that is true. Still others will say they have loaded with the lever for 35 years without loosening the arbor. That may be true as well. But in the time I have been shooting, I have examined for potential purhase nearly a hundred revolvers. I have encountered four loose arbors on brass frame revolvers and none on steel frame revolvers.

I am not saying the you can't shoot a revolver with a brass frame, only that you have to understand the limitations of that system.

For MCB, great photos of those revolvers.

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