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Stiff/Sloppy Rossi/Puma 92 .357??????

Ok, so like most of my gun purchases, it was a crime of opportunity.

I was standing around drinking coffee after church on Sunday and somebody mentioned they had an older Brazil made Rossi/Puma 357 mag lever rifle. This gun is unfired in the box (I trust the seller to tell me the truth) and it really looks that way. 20" Barrel. He threw out a figure of $325. I prentended I was going to bathroom, pulled out my iPhone, got on Gunbroker and started looking around at current Rossi's and Marlins. Based on what I found, I rejoined the conversation and committed to buy it sight unseen. From what I can find, I think I got a pretty good deal. So we hooked up on it today. This evening I pulled it out and started to handle it a bit. I'm a shorter guy, and it seems like the stock and LOP are just perfect for me. It's short (even with the 20" barrel) light, and quick handling. I love it.

THEN...... I went to work the action. Before I describe this, let me say that I grew up on my Dad's Marlin 39-D, have since purchased my own 39-A, and my father-in-law has a golden boy .22. This Rossi action feels AWFUL to me. Its clunky, stiff, sloppy, etc. Now, if it is in fact unfired, which I suspect it to be, I realize it could take some cycling to break it in, but man, it was just not what I was expecting. This is the first centerfire lever gun I've ever owned, so maybe the more robust action makes everything a little tighter? Can someone please tell me if I'm overreacting or if there is something wrong with my rifle?

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