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rickyrick, I gonna let you keep the skunk scent! I would end up spilling!! I do use a scent eliminator and cover mist, but you can't fool a coyote's nose! You may be able to confuse it, but not fool it. I usually work the wind to my favor so I don't have to find out if my cover scent works! huntinaz gave you some god advice on the shotgun load! I like #4 buck myself! That may be because I can't afford Heavy Shot Dead Coyote at $3 a shot! But huntinaz, I believe the 3" 00 buck has more then 9 pellets, but the point is still there. 41 pellets .25 in diameter is a lot better! The other thing I would add is study, study and study some more! There is a great predator hunting forum that has hunt videos you can watch for fre. It is a forum similar to this but instead of firearms, it focuses on coyotes and predators! There are a few that I am a member of, if you are interested shoot me a PM. Good luck!
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