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The poster who has mentioned Omaha a few times, I know exactly where you are coming from. My mom grew up in Bellevue and whenever we go to Omaha she refuses to even drive through North O.

On topic... Went out for a late night jog on a path that runs through the middle of the city last year or freshmen year of college. There is a very sketchy/dark part that has 15 foot hills on each side of the path and one side has lots of trees lining it. After running to where my halfway point is and turning to come back I had to reenter the area where I could easily see someone getting jumped. Neighborhoods around it are lower income, many apartments, and a trailer park. Saw 2 figures about 150 yards ahead of me that appeared to be males about my age (19 at the time) and didn't appear to be in workout attire. So when I got an odd feeling something wasn't right I quick got off the path into the trees and waited a few seconds. Then looked back down the path and the 2 guys were gone. I was suspecting they hid off in the trees to ambush me if I got back on the path. Since I wasn't 21 (and still not 21) and not able to get CCW, I only had a stun gun with me and had it ready to use but didn't even want the opportunity to use it. So I went up through the trees and found a neighborhood with some street lights and hauled a** back to the fraternity. Who knows what would have happened, but better to avoid a confrontation that is controllable.
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