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I have looked at poodles - they are a working dog, which people often forget, and yes they got miniturized, but the full sized dogs are good dogs from what I've heard. It's not their fault they got miniturized - even Doberman Pinschers looked ridiculous after they got miniturized.

According to Wikipedia they are second in intelligence only to the Border Collie and supposedly smarter than the German Shepherd.

My aunt has had poddles for decades and decades and I have to admit they are smart dogs.

My daughter was around one of those Golden Doodles - Poodle/Golden retreiver mix which are suppossed to be hypo allergenic and she had a reaction, but I haven't tried regular poodles yet.

On the other hand... my other aunt and uncle live in Orlando. They woke up one morning to find all their stuff gone. They had been robbed in their sleep. The robbers had put my aunt and uncle's very friendly dachshund in a closet.
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