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As a Retired Army Officer living in a remote and isolated location, I have analysied and planned my home defense as I would a LogBase.

My animals are my early warning system. They roam our acreage at night and alert us to any intruders.

Solar powered motion activated security lights surround the home. These lights will back light any intruder. While I remain in shadow.

The home is hardened to slow entry and create lots of noise if someone is attemting to enter.

The Interior layout forces intruders to move in a predictable pattern.
Once again lights are motion activated a entry points so they will back light the intruder.

As in any castle, I have a keep. This is our last defensive position. The door is hardened. The furniture provides cover. We have sufficient arms, ammunition, and water to hold out for several hours if not days.

Cell phones are maintained on our person or at hand 24 / 7. This is not just for defense but my wife has a heart condition.

We have coordinated with our neighbors and developed a mutual aid plan.

Call 911 then call the neighbor who responds armed and ready. He will also direct responding LEO to the proper location.

If it seems like the wild west, it is.

Our location has a large number of crack heads and we have spill over from the border and its myrad of problems.

My points are. Start your plan at your property line. Harden your entry points. Install noise makers on your windows and doors. A coke can with some pennys in it set to fall when a door or window is opened is very effective.

Install lighting to illuminate your attacker while keeping you in shadow.

Harden a room in your home were all of your family can assemble. By hardening include doors, windows and furniture. Include the means of defense.

I hope you never have to execute your plan.
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