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Here in NE Texas our average is 35-40. It seems most of the coyotes out west are a bit smaller like huntinaz suggested. I think it may have something to do with the size of their territory. In the west they are covering something like 25 square miles. The calories they get from one little rabbit just don't do much for bulking up. But that is just my opinion. An local old timer told me about a legendary coyote they claimed to be a "coydog" that weighed 68 lbs! Back when they could hunt with dogs in Texas he had killed several of a well known hunters dogs. He got a hold off a reject coyote dog. Reject because he wouldn't just "bay" the coyote he would kill it which would destroy the hide. So after this "coydog" killed the "coyote kiling dog" the locals formed a posse and hunted it down! The old man told me you knew when you saw the "coydog" because it looked just like a giant coyote but it had white "socks" on all four feet! Another "old timer" said he believed the coyotes in the east were bigger because they were crossed with the Red Wolfs thats use to run these parts!
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