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A truly large bear no doubt. I enjoy reading the links you post and follow on here Alaska. I have spent a lot of time in bear country and seen many bears in Colorado over the last 6 years. I have noticed.... at least in southern Colorado... The last couple of years.... Every time we have gone to an area in the San Isabel National Forest.... we see bears. They walk around the tent at night. It sounds like a person walking cause there is gravel in the dirt in this area. Sometimes several a day. This last august... I was recovering from a hemilamenectomy/microdiscetomy a month earlier. My significant other started to set up the tent while I drove the vehicle to a restroom the forest service had set up at a lake about a mile or two away. When I was driving back I was literally 40 yards from the site and saw a sow and two small cubs walking around. I freak out cause I realized my fiance was about 15 yards on the other site of some dense trees and brush and was unarmed. When I got around the brush I could see she was okay. She had no idea they were there. Later that day we saw another sow and cubs. She was Huge! The were walking and headed somewhere. We just watched and were glad they were 200+ yards away. My significant others father who has lived in Trinidad and hunted the area of southern Colorado for years said it was the largest bear he had seen in many years. He said all he knew was that it was larger than a 500lb bear when I asked him how large it was as we watched them walk. I will try to post a picture. He has about 25 acres and this year there was a 400lb male that had been raiding the industrial dumpster. He said he would just yell out "Hey bear" at it and it would just look up and take off. We have had vehicles broken into by bears because someone left something in there. Once even for a flask of seagram's seven! He literally bit the top off and I just imagine him lifting it up and chugging it lol. 2-3 years ago in this same area way up on a forest road.... my fiance, I, and our 3 dogs were hunted by a large cinnamon colored bear. It was close enough that ignoring yelling....he came within ten yards looking straight at us... but walking until my fiance pulled her glock and fired several rounds near it into the ground and the bear turned and left long enough for us to throw our dogs and ourselves into the vehicle and drive back into town. Honestly.... I froze at the time and it seemed like everything was in slow motion. Gunshots did not hurt my ears. I hate to admit it but that time.... I couldn't get my shotgun out and loaded near fast enough it. My ability to function seemed compromised and my fiance was able to get a gun loaded and out way faster. A lot of things the talk about did happen as far as gun noise not bothering, tunnel vision ect... It was so disturbing that it still bothers me to this day and have been hesitant to talk about it. I will see if I can get the pics of the large sow and cubs we saw this august. The occurrences I've had in the last 3 years with bears in this area has been a lot higher than in the 3 before than from my experiences. That's all I know.

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