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I work around some of the louder noise sources on earth: turbine engines. I'm a pilot. I wear ear plugs during pre-flight, and when walking around a flight line. I wear active noise reduction headsets in the cockpit.

I used to ride a Harley. I wore ear plugs with a half-helm; engine noise wasn't too bad, but wind noise at 65mph plus is a bear.

I shoot a lot. I wear plugs, or plugs and cups.

My hearing is still pretty decent, in my mid-40s. But when I was about 30, I had a flight surgeon once ask me if I shot a lot of pistol. I asked why he asked? He said I had noticeable mid-range (I think around 4000Hz) hearing loss in my left ear, which is where gunfire noise would focus when a right-hander shoots from Weaver or Chapman... It was right after that I started using double protection; haven't noticed much dB loss ever since.
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