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WTK: Colt 1911A1 Lend-Lease help please!!

Summoning the 1911 gurus...I've recently acquired a 1943 production Colt 1911A1 (SN #9336XX) and have determined that it is not one of the 1,515 Canadian Lend-Lease pistols (no "C" broad arrow marks on slide or frame). It is British proofed on the frame, slide, and barrel. My question is, was the US still supplying firearms to the Brits as late as Spring/Summer 1943? The SN falls in the range of the Canadian guns but again, no Canadian proofs. It is in about 70-75% condition and is all matching, marked, and #'d as a correct 1943 mfg. Colt. Any info is appreciated. Thanks in advance gents.
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