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Now I wish I'd have taken a few pictures, but I just plain forgot to do it. I just weighed him, measured him, and made sure my wife got to see him ("Honey come look at the monster coyote") and then took him to a back pasture. Thursday afternoon he'll be ripe and the buzzards will have had some time with him, and if history is any indicator, more coyotes will come for a late evening meal. I'll be waiting. Earlier this year I had shot a couple of coyotes that I had considered to be big ones, but it might be a while before I see another one this big. I just stood and looked at him for a while. He was twice the size of some I've shot this year. Any doubts I ever had about a coyote taking down a full grown deer are gone.

I googled up coyotes and found that 46 pounds would be the top side of 'normal', but that the record (a northern US coyote) was almost 75 pounds.
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