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Brass swap?

Rottweiler, houndawg--Is there some sort of canine pattern here? We already had Lawdawg, and probably a couple of others.

Sure, I'll trade brass. I'm not too sure about the economics of shipping it, though. Houndawg, I note you're in Illinois. Rottweiler, where are you? I'm in Denton, in North Texas--Next county N of Fort Worth and Dallas, one tier of counties S of the Red River. I'd make a short day trip to meet and swap, but I'm really not up to driving halfway to Illinois. Sorry.

Or, let's research shipping costs. Is it strictly a weight thing, so that it costs almost twice as much to ship 4,000 pieces of brass as to ship 2,000?

I'll check from this end and you check from yours. I have a feeling I'll come out somewhat better, shipping the smaller brass.

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