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Originally Posted by TheKlawMan
Do you honestly think that the ioccupant of a dwellilng should have the right to take the drunks life?
Yes, I do. How could any sane person argue otherwise?

If I am the occupant of a home, and someone breaks into my home, busting the lock or kicking in the door, I don't know what his intentions are but I think it is logical, reasonable, prudent, and SMART to assume that he probably means to harm to me and/or my family. Since I have a gun for self-defense, it would thus be logical, reasonable, prudent, and SMART to use the gun to defend myself.

If people don't wish to be shot by home owners, people shouldn't break into other people's homes. I don't have drunk neighbors named Charlie who break into houses to pass out on other people's sofas. You are, of course, entitled to have whomever you wish as your friend.

Originally Posted by TheKlawMan
I want to make sure I understand you and that you believe that a homeowner should bear no criminal of civil liability for the shooting an innocent bystander, including their death, regardless of how reckless the homeowner may be and whether or not their resort to deadly force was in fact and indisputably unreasonable and you so believe BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT FLORIDA LAW SAYS.
Why do you care what I believe?

I do believe that a person who is lawfully defending himself or herself should NOT be criminally or civilly liable if someone is injured or even killed in the process. If I am the victim (meaning the person being attacked and forced to defend myself) I didn't ask to be assaulted, so if something happens to a bystander why should I be liable? Why shouldn't the assailant, the person who set the events in motion, be responsible and liable?

And I don't believe that because Florida law says that. I believe that because it's the only way that makes any sense.

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