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No ground shrinkage on today's coyote

It never fails that when I see a big coyote, and blast him, he's gotten much smaller by the time I've walked over to him. I've tried walking faster, but 'ground shrinkage' is faster than I can walk. I've laughed about ground shrinkage for years. But...this morning I had a big one come past me at a brisk walk and I "260'd him", and when I got to him he didn't shrink at all. Biggest coyote I've ever shot. Normally they seem to run in the 20 to 30 pound range, though I'm guessing the weights. I didn't want to guess on this fellow, so I brought him to the barn and weighed him. He was right on 50 pounds and was 36 inches from nose to butt and 51 inches from nose to the tip of his tail. Some serious teeth on that guy too. I really didn't think that coyotes ever got to 50 pounds, and I've been shooting them since the early 80's. Is it just that central Texas has little coyotes? That can't be, since everything is bigger in Texas.... What size coyotes do you guys have in your respective hunting areas?
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