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Toilette paper muffles the sound of voices and therefore may provide you the illusion of protection. It offers ZERO protection from gunfire. Same with cotton balls. I used both in my youth and now suffer severe tinnitus. I cannot remember what silence sounds like.

I now consistently use foam plugs under electronic ear muffs. Don't know if the NRR is fully additive but they are rated at 33dB and 25 dB respectively. I can hear range commands and still have very good protection from gunfire.

I do not recommend exposing your ears to gunfire unprotected just so it won't come as a shock to you. In a real gunfight you may not even hear your own weapon discharge as the catecholamine dump you experience will often cause things like tunnel vision and auditory exclusion. A single time firing a weapon from inside a vehicle may cause permanent hearing loss. A reasonable sacrifice to save your life, not acceptable for practice. IMHO
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