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A little off-thread

Originally Posted by KC Rob
Once upon a time I was up late cleaning my guns in our tiny ground floor apartment (500 or so square feet!) on a folding table with a small lamp, watching TV, all the other lights were out. Suddenly, the door knob (about 8 feet in front of me) started jiggling, hard. Then the door shuddered, like a hip or kick had smacked it.
(edited for brevity)
That sequence of events sounds exactly like someone went to the wrong apartment, used his key, jiggled the lock, got frustrated, hip-checked the door and then discovered (when you announced yourself) that he had the wrong door.

Who knows which scenario is more likely, the sinister one you supposed or the one I imagined?

Whatever tactic you choose, let it fit all possibilities until you narrow the variables down to only what is true.

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