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Didnt save my life, but probably that of my wife and daughters. We were out for dinner, as we were going out of town the next morning for a dance competition, and didnt want to have to mess with dishes. My wife realized that she forgot something and needed to stop on the way home. The store in the nice new well lit strip mall didnt have it, but we knew a store in the not so great mall on the way home did. I parked by an entrance near a vacated anchor store, under a light. Wife took off with daughter in tow, I grab little man out of his seat. I come around the corner of the car and try to catch up with them. They are 30-40 yards ahead of me. I see an older pick up, driver turns off his lights, rolls down his window and start creeping up on them at barely more than an idle. He didnt notice my son and I, the parking lot was pretty much empty other than that. I hollered at my wife to wait up. The truck tore out of the parking lot. I caught up to my wife and asked if she was worried about the truck. She said "What truck?"
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