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Originally Posted by arcticap
And because they're uniformly compressed, they can produce more consistent velocity.
Originally Posted by Doyle
Actually, just the opposite. Pellets are notoriously inconsistent. Run some shots through a chrono using pellets then using measured loose. You'll generally find much better velocity consistency with with carefully measured loose powder (assuming you also use consitent tamping pressure).

Perhaps it has something to do with the 209 primers being hotter, along with the weight of the conicals being a good match for the pressure curve that's produced, and the cleaning regimen in between shots. But for whatever the reasons, there's no doubt that the accuracy of pellets can be extremely good from some rifles.
For another example, the White Hots pellets which are an improved form of 777 can produce excellent accuracy from some guns and not so good from others, while loose 777 is notorious for performing erratically when heavily compressed. Yet the muzzle loading world is filled with great accuracy results being obtained using both 777 & White Hots pellets.
So it seems that muzzle loading still has its X-Files of unexplained mysteries.
The truth is out there!

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