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Once upon a time I was up late cleaning my guns in our tiny ground floor apartment (500 or so square feet!) on a folding table with a small lamp, watching TV, all the other lights were out. Suddenly, the door knob (about 8 feet in front of me) started jiggling, hard. Then the door shuddered, like a hip or kick had smacked it. I picked up my Glock 17 off the table, and dropped the slide on an empty chamber and yelled "I have a gun!", followed by the pitter patter of feet running swiftly away from my front door. I ran to the bedroom and grabbed some ammo and fumbled to load a magazine while my wife and infant son slept in the bed, then went to the front window, and saw that it was clear. Then I went and threw away my underwear...

Not sure if the bad guy couldn't see the lamp and TV light through the heavy curtains and thought the apartment was empty, or if he just didn't care, it was probably close to 1 am, so maybe he thought we were asleep. I always follow safety procedures and don't keep ammo near me when cleaning my guns but that incident still gives me the heebie jeebies when I think about it. I had 3 guns on the table in front of me and if that door had given way, they would have been useless.
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