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thanks for all the info, yes i have a 5 rnd mag that i will be using, iam a bit confused with distance, i see alot of open areas and see the possibility of a 100 to 200 yard shot, i would def stay inside that 200yard range for headshots and i know what your thinking but believe me i can take that kind of shot,
i wouldnt go past that for variable reasons including wind which 223 past that range could start to show issues especially being hogs that could attack, but like i said i have a 12ga i will carry on my side along with my 357 for that situation, hope it dosent happen.i am def looking to stay inside 100yards if possible to limit variables and chance of slow death due to a poor shot, i want to be as humane as possible.

ive tried hornady superformance 53 and 55gr and they group amazingly, not to mention speed,
any feedback would be great on which ammo,
dpms 16inch chromelined 1:9 twist 5.56 barrel, bipod, 1.5x6 i think is the glass iam going to stick with for the hunt,
iam guessing 60gr sphp will prove sufficient.

feedback on the glass will also be appreciated, i have a ss10x mil-dot also on hand that has proven itself many times but i think its overkill, i keep hearing these hog hunts are almost always inside 150 to 200 yards at the most, iam 100%comfterble on headshots at that range..

also any spots, so far we are looking into wma's,or private property i hear farmers have issues with these pigs. if you know any i will be more than glad to clean up, after the military i started collecting some firearms and i dont mind putting them to use for food or to help a farmer if needed.

my buddy will be carrying his 30-06 i talked him into buying it as a all around suitable cartridge and being teaching him how to shoot correctly, if its a big one thats the one we will def use.
thanks again guys,
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