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Originally Posted by ltc444
You have the same problem with the VA Hospitals. They have posted their parking lot prohibiting guns knives and any dangerous weapons.
Actually, in a way the VA hospitals are worse.

The USPS has a section of Federal law that specifically applies to them and allows them to ban firearms with no exceptions. I don't agree that this is right, but they DO have the law backing them to do it.

The VA hospitals, on the other hand, are using 18 USC 930. That happens to be the section of the U.S. Code that includes an exemption for "the lawful carrying of firearms or other dangerous weapons in a Federal facility incident to hunting or other lawful purposes."

However, the VA Police (yes, they all have their own police departments) do NOT recognize the exemption. I tried to discuss it with a shift supervisor at my VA hospital, and he falt out refused to even consider reading the law. In their minds, the law says "No weapons ... period" and that's the way they'll treat it.

There didn't used to be signs on the property at the VA where I go, and I had spoken with a captain on their force about being able to leave a range bag in the car while inside, so I could then continue across town to the range after an appointment. That was fine then, as long as I didn't bring any guns inside the building. About a year or eighteen months ago, signs went up at ALL the driveway entrances, and now it is very much NOT allowed to have a firearm anywhere on the property.

There are similar signs at the Social Security office ... also citing 18 USC 930. The guard there won't discuss the exemption, either. (In that case, I'm sure he's following instructions and thinking is above his pay grade, so I'm not blaming him.)

Obviously, someone, somewhere, somehow has to get our gummint to start following the laws IT enacted. If carrying a firearm for self-defense with a license/permit issued by your state to do so isn't a "lawful purpose," I'd really REALLY like to know why not.

Link to the law, for those who have not read it: See (d)(3)
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