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A couple of months ago I went to have lunch in one of my most favorite restaurants that I have been to all over the US and over the world (last name rings with Bock), came out the front door with a purchase of goodies that I always get and did a 360 degree scan, noticed a couple of "Boys" on the other side of the street at this major intersection in Atlanta, Ga., and started down the sidewalk to my car which was parked a block and half away. One of the boys started across the street not in the ped lane, and approached me. I put up the Fence and said "I don't have the time of day". That froze him as he did not expect a response like that. I continued toward my car with my coat now unbuttoned for access to my G-19 I was CCW in the city. I do not go downtown in Atlanta without being armed. This was also not a stupid place to do stupid things at stupid times. I did the 360 degree scan, found the BG and handled it right into him and froze him. He did not follow as I did check twice on the way down the block. You just do not know what will come up to you when you least expect it. BE AWARE of your Surroundings. If you don't feel comfortable, there is a reason.
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