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Nickled or Stainless?

Either way, I love the looks od the shiney Remmie!
The 5 1/2" is the best barrel length for all aqround handling and carry! I trally like my 5 1/2" Piettia Sheriffes Model! A buddy let me borrow his Conversin cylinder and gave me a handfull of Scofill rounds to sampleonversion shooting. Man the .45 Scoffield is right on at 25 yards! I think the bullet weight was 200 grains I shot some 200 gr Conicals touched off by 35 gr of Pyrodex. A very stout load that raps the knuckles often!
Yep Black Powder is the thing to shoot for pure enjoyment! You tend to handle the revolvers more than with just plain Cartriges, that really allows a close personal contact with the revolver!
B/P is my favorite propellant to shoot.
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