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No, I don't own one / and I think the concept is interesting ...but I don't think its that practical / or at least not practical for anything I need a weapon to do....

A standard pump or semi-auto shotgun in .410 has at least 3 shots / and if you can legally take the plug out ....most of them will shoot 5 shells. A good utilitarian pump gun like the Browning BPS is available in a .410 .

The .45 LC isn't an especially attractive caliber to me ..or at least nothinig there that a more modern caliber .....44 mag, .357 mag or even a .45 acp can't do.

If I wanted to carry a modern .410 shotgun ...and a .44 mag or .357 mag revolver in a effect I have the same capability - or more, because I'd have at least 9 shells ( 3 in shotgun / 6 in revolver --- or maybe 5 in shotgun and 6 in revolver) / and frankly much higher quality weapons in the dedicated shotgun and dedicated revolver / although its 2 weapons....and while the Rossi is cheaper / it just doesn't make sense to me.

To me its a novelty ...and I've seen them for sale at my local gunshows over the last few months....

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