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My sentiments with pellets mirrors Pahoo's and Doyle's...

...and I also may have given up on them a bit to fast as my experience's with them were probably 20yrs ago.

With respect, I also question their consistency. A year or so ago, a friend of mine and I were weighing his 50gr. Pyrodex pellets and their was not two in the container that weighed the same. So, with decided to take 5 loads of loose powder, poured it into our powder measure'er (at 100grns) and weighed these. We got a more consistent weight when compared to the pellets.

Also, aren't the pellets designed to burn from the inside out via the hole in the pellet. If you accidently crush one of the pellets when loading, you have a great chance of a short round(or squib).

Course the 'proof is in the pudding':

If you can find a boolit and number of pellet combo your gun shoots well and you don't crush,crack the pellets when should have good enough accuracy for deer hunting.
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