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Hog Hunt-Help choosing setup needed.

I know this topic has been covered before but i have a few questions,
i have an ar-15 with a 1.5x6 and a 10x mildot scope, i have no issues placing 5 shots inside 2 inches at 200 yards and honestly my 3 shot groups are less than a inch(learned to shoot in the military), i also have an ak iron sights, so my question is,

i will be hog hunting for the first time with a friend in florida, we live here, i hear alot of talk about how a 223/5.56 round isnt enough, i shoot m855 62gr green tip xtac penetrator rounds out of my ar(5.56 barrel),
so.. if i were to shoot one in the head or heart will it suffice? note: i will also have my 357 on my hip and 12 gauge on my side in case its needed, i hear they charge at you...

i find it hard to believe the steel penatration rnds will not drop a hog if shot in the head or heart but like i said iam new to this,

all help will be appreciated and i will soon purchase a designated high caliber setup for further hunts, until then i have my AR, 12 gauge, and 357. also i have an ak 7.62x39 with iron sights but isnt nearly as accurate as my ar and if i have to place a one shot kill scoped i choose my ar.
thanks for any feedback. ammo recommendations..
and remember guys back in the day spears and bows are still being used, and i have no problem charging back at him with my knife if needed. sorry soldier
once again thank you all.

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