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The lesson in this thread is.

On any misdemenaor charge Keep your mouth shut, do not participate in the "interview" until you get a lawyer who can work a deal to

1. get charges dismissed.
2. plead to a charge which will not cause you to loose your 5A rights. Explain to the lawyer your concerns about your guns.

My own situation involved a politically connected developer who has finiacial connections to a County supervisor. His intent was to force me to sell my property to him. AZ can no longer use eminent domain to for the sale of a property to a third party.

With the assistance of the Sheriff he fabricated a charge against me which would have caused me to loose my 5A rights and possibly my pension.

My lawyer negotiated a deal which allowed dismissal of the charges after a nominal restitution.

The Judge, bless her, saw me barely able to walk on crutches, understood the situation and dismissed the charges with prejudice. This means the SO and County Attorney could not refile.

Under stand that LEOs lie. In every department there is a group of "Officers" who will obey the Political will of their Masters and total an unsuspecting citzen. 4 Cops on a misdemenaor beef on a Sunday morning is a sure sign that you are in trouble.
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