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shooting low

Problem: Son shoots low.

Background: My Son purchased a Remington 1911. We took it out for the first time. Initially he sot all over the place. We worked on some basics, checked his grip and gripping. I shot the pistol and put 5 in the black.

Next I tryed him on a basic Ruger MkII. He shot low on it as well. His groups were excellent. Next I got my target Model Ruger adjusted elevation up six clicks. His next groups were all in the X ring.

My questions are:

Is there a solution to the problem from shooters point of view?

Not being knowledgable with the Remington GI replica 1911 are the sights adjustable.

Is there a gunSmith in Santa Fe who can assiste him.

From my own experience I know that some pistols do not shoot right in the hands of some shooters. I had a Colt Trooper which I could never get on target. My fellow shooters chould shoot it perfectly. My solution was to trade it off and get my DW.

He is going to ask me for my advice and I wish to have some answers.
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