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By contrast, the .300 Blackout was designed from the get-go to be fired from short (12" and less) barrels in direct impingement ARs with both suppressed and unsuppressed use. In addition, under 200m, it is going to offer more energy because it will have a bigger bullet and it is designed to make the most out of shorter barrels. You'll also have the option of using 220gr subsonic rounds that will make the rifle as quiet as an MP5SD (at the expense of terminal performance and a rainbow like trajectory even at 200yds).

I had read a bit about the .300, but had discounted it because it was stepping away from what was "common". One of my goals is to have a platform with relatively common parts and readily available caliber.

From a form factor perspective this is about exactly what I'm looking for...

I have no idea if this company is reputable or not, nor the quality of their gear. Up to now I've been looking at Noveske or the new Barrett entry. I know they are considered of good quality, but I wonder how much of the price is based just on the name.

I don't really want to build one, at least not yet. I like the idea of it coming from the factory already "made" and thereby avoiding that issue, and having to engrave my life history on the receiver.

Qualified recommendations of other builders are gladly considered.
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