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Yep, all too slow. Can't get enough in the case. Top accuracy recommendations most often are IMR 4064, Varget, and Reloader 15 at your bullet weight. Of those, your gun will tell you which is best for it. Reloader 15 is used by Lake City for M118LR sniper ammunition using the 175 grain SMK. For a tac rifle, that's not a bad starting choice. Varget will do better about consistency in temperature extremes, but will get you the lowest velocity of the three.

Use Winchester cases to get the extra case capacity they have to maximize your velocity potential. Deburr flash holes to assist with ignition consistency, particularly in temperature extremes. Use Federal 210M or TulAmmo KVB7 primers unless you are going into extreme cold. In that case develop a load with a magnum primer. Both seem to produce excellent consistency. The Federals are easier to seat and to fire, but the TulAmmo may produce the most consistency. Seat them hard if you use them.
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