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AR Bolt --normal movement "feel/resistance" in bolt carrier

I've had my Colt HBAR for about five years and got used to very smooth movement of the bolt/gas rings assembly within the bolt carrier upon cleaning.

`Couple days ago I got YoungSon a Colt M4-style sporter for XMas which functions just fine. But I noticed a significant difference in the feel/resistance when reseating the bolt past the gas rings into the bolt carrier, and when moving the bolt back and forth when assembled.

The gas rings/setup otherwise appear normal, and the weapon had no stoppages over 50 rounds yesterday with either commercial bulk reloads or my own (69SMK/Varget/25.3/WWcase/CCI400).... But that bolt sure feels like things need to lap themselves in.

`Other's experiences with new/Colt bolt assemblies?
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