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Up here in Canada, Glocks and CZ Shadows dominate Production Division and competitors seem pretty evenly divided between the two, with perhaps a slightly greater number of Shadow shooters in the upper ranks. But I see a lot of other guns that people don't talk much about in this sport, like Ruger SR9s and Beretta 92fs being used, and being used well too.

Accuracy isn't much of a factor in practical shooting sports, and just about any properly sighted gun run with decent ammo will shoot better than you when you're under the pressure of a timer. So I'd say just get a gun that is on the Production list, but feels most comfortable shooting for now with sights you can pick up quickly and easily. Go for something cheap enough for now that leaves you enough money for some starter reloading equipment. Believe me, you're going to need it.

Edit: After thinking about this a few minutes, I would avoid trying to be "different" when it comes to equipment, especially your gun. In the course of getting into the sport, you'll meet many people who will undoubtedly help tune your gun, replace parts, and just give you instruction in how best to clean and lubricate it and such that you'll miss out on with an unpopular gun that good shooters don't know much about. You are joining a community when you get into these sports, and you'll find it so much easier if you take advantage of the availability of parts and expertise that such a community presents.

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