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I'll have to agree with the general sentiment that, although I support the right to open carry, I don't recommend it.

It also reminds me of the rule "Don't drink while you have a gun on you". Not only is it not safe, if someone in a bar sees your gun, he may try to take it from you (Imagine a firefight in a bar men's room).

Drugs and guns are the only things I know of that have a higher "street value" than "retail value".

Walking around with an exposed firearm may actually attract violence, which is not the goal.

TailGator makes a valid point here "... Mr. Tyler had his sidearm taken and then pursued the person who took it. If that is a correct reading, then Tyler was in those few moments in unarmed man pressing an attack on an armed man. However justifiable that may be, it is a bad tactic. If Tyler had an opportunity to get clear of the situation rather than pursue Smith he should have taken it. "

But I can't say I wouldn't do the same thing (while agreeing it's not smart).

I feel that carrying a firearm is a serious responsibility. And if someone takes possession of my gun - it's STILL my responsibility.
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