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Cheapshooter : ; told you exactly right. As long as you don't live in Wash DC, New Jersery, New York, Illinois, California and apparently Wisconsin ... or any other state that have "state registration " requirements of handguns.

All the regs I've seen say the FFL are required to keep the 4473 form for 20 yrs and they can then be destroyed, and go to ATF only if they go out of business before that. NICS checks, don't keep record of what gun you are buying.

If you believe this not to be true, and you don't live in the above states, then .... HOW does a gun get registered when I do a private sale to YOU ? I'm not calling them and doing squat. I don't have to keep your name, a record of the sale, nor anything about you.... other than you were lawfully legal to own the firearm.

What about, in states like mine , where ATF states "if we show we have a valid and current CC permit, they do not even do a NICS check" ??? There is no NICS check required in that situation. And I know we are not the only state that does that. How would the Fed's or the my State have any registration of those guns ?? It's illegal for the Feds to keep any gun registration nor anything close to it.

I'm truly amazed at the lack of knowledge about this being shown by gun owners on a gun forum, as they apply to the majority of the states. For those that live in states that require registration of your guns with the state, or a permit to own one, try electing a legislature that will change the laws and get rid of it.

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