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No, I think 25 yards is a good range to pattern any shotgun used for hunting. preferrably put you up a target with a 30 inch circle. That will show you where your pellets are hitting. I agree with the above said that some chokes/loads will donut your pattern while other chokes/loads will blister the center. I want to go out on a limb and say if your factory modified choke is what you are describing to me as a donut pattern at such short of range your stating, that an improved cylinder should be about right at the range you were shooting those birds at(20-25 yards). I am just basing this on the idea that magnum loads will often blow a pattern with too tight of choke when using harder than lead shot(mod choke =full). + 1 battle trying at least more than one load already and I respect that. Alot of folks spend hundreds of dollars on chokes and barrels just to shoot one brand/size load.
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