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When you buy a gun where a background check is required, like here in Texas, a call is made to the FBI to check you out. If you really believe they don't keep records I think you are fooling yourself. No, the gun isn't "registered" but it is on record somewhere.
They may keep records that an instant check was done on you, but the FFL doesn't give them the information on the firearm you purchased. At best they would know that you purchased (or attempted to purchase) a firearm and maybe the general type (handgun or long gun) of firearm you purchased.

If you have a CHL in TX, they don't even do the NICs.
...Illinois FOID card. She looked me up and found that I indeed had a valid Illinois FOID card and started reading off a list of firearms I had bought, starting with one I just bought a couple months earlier for my daughter, a NEF 20 gauge shotgun.
Let me guess, Illinois requires registration and keeps the records accessible via your FOID.

That's a state issue, not a Federal issue. The fact that a federal agent can access state records for a state that requires gun registration does not prove that registration is happening everywhere.
I think you would be very nieve to believe that 'big brother' dosn't keep track of names that get a background check with every set of serial numbers next to it but by all means, dont let me burst the bubble your living in.
The reason we know that they don't do it is that serial numbers are not provided with a NICs Check. Ask any FFL.
Which includes background check(all info big bro's got on me), type of gun, serial number,date of purchase, etc. etc. that are kept as a matter of record for infinity.
The forms are kept by the FFL until he goes out of business. After that they are kept IN PAPER FORM by the BATF. They can be legally accessed by law enforcement to perform "reverse traces" but not for registration purposes.
All manufacturers must keep a record of which firearms went to which distributor. Each distributor must keep a record of which firearms went to which dealer. Each dealer must keep a record of which person purchased which firearm. That is where the trail usually ends. No one reports private sales. In a few states there are no "private" sales they can only sell through a dealer.
That's how traces work. Starting with a make and serial number, LE can call the manufacturer to determine which distributor took delivery of that gun. They then use FFL records (including 4473's) to determine who eventually purchased the gun in question. The traces are done starting with a gun, and only when a gun turns up that has been used in a crime.
A properly cleaned drop gun is usually untraceable.
"Drop guns" and other illegal activities are not topics for discussion on TFL.
Did you know that there is a TEXAS State Rifle Association?
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