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Cheapshooter wrote: #1. Why would you have conversations with an FBI aghent when applying for a C&R. It's handled by the BATF! Very simple form, and easy to follow instructions.

#2. With the Federal laws as stated, if an FBI agent could access a national list, why would he divulge it to you?

Are you sure it was an FBI agent, or was it somebody from the Peoples Republic of Illinois? With the laws in your state, I don't doubt that there isn't a list of every firearm, and every bit of ammunition you've ever purchased!
Okay, long story short, but a bit longer. My name got flagged as a felon when applying for the C&R. The BATF told me the best way to clear it up would be talk with the FBI. So that’s what I did. Didn’t make sense to me, but that’s what I did.

The FBI agent was a female. During our conversation I told her that if I was indeed a felon, I never would be able to buy a firearm in Illinois because I wouldn’t have the Illinois FOID card. She looked me up and found that I indeed had a valid Illinois FOID card and started reading off a list of firearms I had bought, starting with one I just bought a couple months earlier for my daughter, a NEF 20 gauge shotgun. I don’t think she meant to divulge this information to me, as she was also talking with someone else that must have been in her office area. To be honest, she sounded a bit ditsy, or maybe was a rookie.

It was an Illinois based FBI office in Chicago that I called, but that makes little difference. I’m very sure all FBI agents have access to all data recorded country wide.

I doubt they know about any ammo purchases, because nothing is recorded to buy ammo, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they did.
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