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Rimfire target rifle?

My oldest daughter has developed an interest in shooting, and I'm thrilled that I have something that will let me spend time with her. She's a high school junior now, and besides liking to shoot hand guns and shotguns she now also wants to shoot rifles. She's also on the fencing team doing epee matches even though she just started fencing. Epee is considered a varsity division she tells me, where any touch counts. She seems to be doing very well with it.

My brother called a couple of weeks ago and talked to her for a while and fencing came up. Well it turns out that he did fencing in college which turned the discussion to that and her plans for the future. He told her that lots of colleges have shooting teams as well as fencing teams and that there may be scholarship opportunities along those lines. So now she's even more interested in rifle shooting.

Now I have a couple of .22 rifles but nothing fancy. There's a Sears Model 25, Ithica X5 Lightning, Ruger 10/22, Remington Nylon 66 and also a Remington 550-2G Gallery Special which is .22 Short only. All are semi-auto rifles. Aside from just taking her out and letting her put some rounds downrange, what is the best way of getting her into this so she can see if she really wants to compete? I know nothing about it, so any sites or resources you can recommend are appreciated. Thanks for any input you can give.
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