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Choke problems?!

I went duck hunting yesterday morning and ducks were flyin but my pellets weren't even crippling them. And for awhile I was thinking I just wasn't hitting them. So I shot the bill, a foot ahead, two, three. BEHIND. Nothing was working. AT ALL. So then I got so desperate I shot a ruddy duck on the water (not for nothing, my buddy uses them for stuff) at 20-25 yards and pellets completely surrounded him in the water and it didn't phase him. And that was with hypersonic 3.5" 4shot and it started swimming calmly to the left so I racked up a black cloud 3" 4 shot and shot again, NOTHING. surrounded by pellets and then he did his running to fly thing and I racked up my last shell. A blindside 2 shot 3" and pellets went around him and could swear it hit him and he flew away. And he was about 25-27 yards away.

I've narrowed it down to either shell or choke or both.
I'm using a benelli nova with a modified factory choke.
What is wrong?!
Counting the days til next duck season.
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