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When they are new to an area you won't hardly ever see them. Once they have established themselves they progressively get bolder. We now have them chasing deer by us RIGHT next our blinds. One guy, after walking in to his blind in the dark on opening morning, had one howling not 50 yards from his stand. I would suggest a howling call. They usually answer it if around and might come in to that. Other then that you won't bait them or call them in to animal calls. They're alot smarter then most other animals. I got this info from my BIL who is a retired DNR biologist (and a-hole). I've also read many articles from the authors who really know about these things and this is pretty much how it works. And if you're not sure if it's a wolf, they run with their tails straight back. Good luck!

(This seems all wrong. A guy from Wisconsin preaching on wolves? And now we had a cougar on our land the whole week of rifle hunting)...

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