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when I switched from 9 to .40 I developed a nasty anticipation habit.
5 round rhythm drills where I would fire as soon as I reaquired the target helped.

I also had great success with the dummy/live drill. (which is far more cost effective)
At the range, have your buddy (with his/her back to you) load one round into a mag. This 'round' is at their discression either going to be live, ornothing at all. They ride the slide foreward, and hand you,the pistol to fire. If it is empty and you flinch, conduct 5 GOOD dry fires. Moveonto the next round. Do this for 50iterations, but use only 10-15 actual live rounds.

I've wanted to do this without a buddy by myself. Loading a random assortment of spent casings mixed with 10 live rounds. I have enough mags toaccomodate this. Will loading and dry firing spent casings cause problems, ie failures to extract, or damage to my chamber, etc?

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