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Parker Brothers Double Barrel 12 Gauge

I'm hoping that i am asking this in the right section, but the question i have is possibly what exactly i have on my hands and maybe a ballpark of its value or rarity of the shotgun. Its sentimental so i don't plan on selling it but curiosity kills me and i would like to see if anyone can help.
Ill do my best to describe the gun. The serial numbers (all four of them) match and indicate the number 87499. I think it has a gold plate on it, or at least i think. Its engraved nicely and is like a flour pattern on the flat of the action. I think there is a number 7 above the serial number but i dont think there is a grade letter like most go by. Made from whitford steel which i also dont quite get. Pigeon gun is also indicated on the barrel spine i think is what that is called. There is some other information but i dont know what matters and what doesnt so any opinions is very much appreciated!
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