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Correct Treso nipple # for a Uberti Paterson?

If someone can fill me in on the correct Treso nipple item number for a Uberti Paterson. Am I correct that it is the 11-50-16 or the 5.5x.9 nipples?
I'm going to replace these odd-ball crosschecked nipples for something a bit easier to get out and put the original nipples in the box. I was tight and didn't want to pay the outrageous price for the 4-prong nipple wrench, so I used a Dremel and modified a 3/16" nut driver to fit it- it was a lot of work and it isn't very pretty, but it got the nipples out.

If someone can verify the Uberti Walker numbers as #11-50-13 or 1/4x28 nipples, I'd appreciate it. It's a 1995 (BF) dated Uberti- in case there was a change. I do not have this Walker available until after the first of the year.

These are my first two Uberti revolvers- everything else I've owned have been Piettas.
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