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A little bit of skill with a file would definitely solve that problem. Gold Cups were designed and used mainly for bullseye shooting using a six o'clock sight picture where the bullseye is sitting on the top of the front sight. If you want to hold dead on they cover of half of your target if adjusted for center hold. Another problem with the factory Gold Cup rear sight is the tiny pin the holds in onto the slide. These have a long history of departing the gun when hardball is fired very much. I have replaced all of the adj. sights on my 1911s with large fixed sights that have plenty of daylight in the notch. Much faster target acquisition. Of course you are trading finer accuracy for speed. I would simply file (or have filed by a smith) the rear notch to let some daylight into the notch. I don't think there are a lot of aftermarket replacements for the Gold Cup slides. But I could be wrong.

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