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the moments in a stage when you are not shooting actually waste most of the time. Learn a smooth draw and reload then work on making it faster. Move quickly but under control between positions. Don't waste time getting to the shooting.
As one Master class shooter says, it is not how fast you shoot, it is how fast you do the other stuff while you are not shooting. You can save seconds on target acqusition and transition and moves instead of tenths on the splits.
Yep - the OP asked about accuract/speed, but we'd be remiss if we didn't also point out that efficiency in movement is very important. Move fast, shoot slow is much more efficient than the opposite.

New shooters who shoot too fast for their ability outnumber those who shoot too slow by a factor of ten. I have personally doubled someone's ability in their first match by simply pointing out that those GMs in the squad really were seeing their sights for each of those shots and it was permissible for the new guy to slow down a little and focus on quality.
Watching other shooters or youtube vids can be a good learning experience if you watch how they move & when they shoot. It can take you down the wrong road entirely, however, if all you take in is their trigger speed.
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