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Road Rage

In an unfamiliar part of town, I had to stop my car trying to make a left turn awaiting on coming traffic. I know I was not over far enough to the left and
the driver behind me came right up on my bumper and laid on his horn. He did not stop and I finally was able to make that turn but he pursued me. I returned a finger gesture and he pulled up along side of me with his window down yelling and then jerked his car right in from of me (barely missing me) and slammed on his brakes rolling smoke up over the road. I managed to stop without hitting him (barely).

I figured he had lost it and would come back to my car to try to hurt me. He sat in front of me (there was a car stopped several car lengths behind us waiting to see what would happen I guess). I retrieved my weapon and waited to see what he would do. He just sat there -- After a few minutes, I backed up and went around him at which time he continued to make threatening moves with his car until I turned off.

My question is (I had my lady with me in the passenger side) that thoughts
ran through my mind that he was going to approach me in a rage and try to
pull me out of the car and I wasn't exactly sure how things would play out.
The thought of shooting him if he did that was real.

Road Rage and my right to defend,,,,my dilemma.
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